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Canadian Future’s mission is to encourage interfaith and intercultural dialogue, enhance minority communities’ capacity building, improve the understanding of Canada’s diversity and enhance inclusion in the Canadian mosaic.

We aim to enhance community development, engagement and education projects that promote diversity and inclusion by encouraging interaction among community groups.

We are working towards the elimination of discrimination, racism and prejudice, with a particular focus on the communities comprised of Muslim Peoples, Indigenous Peoples, Racialized Women and Girls, and People of Colour in general.


The purpose of this project is to produce activities that will promote awareness of and celebrate the immense contributions and sacrifices made by British-Indian soldiers during World War I. It will focus on educating Canadians of all backgrounds on the history of British-Indian Muslim, Sikh and Hindu soldiers in WWI, with a focus on educating veterans, active service members, and Canadians and communities with links to Pakistan, India and South-Asia.

There will be a focus on the aspects of British-Indian military events that is directly relevant to Canada’s military history, such as shared battles where the two groups fought alongside one another.

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